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catalyzing change within social media

Working towards a healthier, more connected future.

Founded in 2022, Unwiring is a movement dedicated to catalyzing change within social media to support a healthier, more connected future. We strive to shed light on the negative implications and unethical inner-workings of social media, educate young people on strategies for healthier use, and empower each other to have a voice in the future of social media.


The Unwiring  ReDesign Challenge 

We asked young people at over 7.5k schools around America: "What is the change you wish to see in social media to promote a healthier user experience?"  Here's a glimpse into what we heard. 

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 Youth Summit 

on Social Media & Well-Being

Bringing together the world's  leading researchers and activists  to talk about social media and well-being. And we'd love for you to join the conversation.

Begin Unwiring

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Dive into the ecosystem: learn the issues and solutions from Unwiring and our world's experts.

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Support the movement with your own thoughts, talents, and ideas.

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About Us

Meet the team dedicated to reforming social media.

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Recent Work

Here’s how the new Meta AI will impact our future of creativity… and misinformation.

Meta AI: Creativity or Chaos?
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