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The  Why  of Unwiring

Founded in 2022

From our earliest days as homo sapiens, our ability to think, make decisions, and communicate has distinguished us as humans. Technological advances have made a tremendous impact on the way we engage throughout society. For example, through a decade of unprecedented social media advancement, we have experienced many benefits of increased connectivity and access to information. 


Despite its increased popularity in recent years, social media also has challenged the very qualities that make us human. Today’s youth are experiencing social isolation, mental health problems, disinformation, and political polarization at an all-time high. Social media is hijacking much of our ability to think, diminishing our agency in decision-making, and limiting our feeling of true connectedness.


We are fighting an invisible war for our humanity. Finding ways to participate in responsible social media use is crucial to our evolution as a society.

Our Initiatives


  • Raise awareness around the issue by creating a series of online videos.

  • Write editorial pieces centered around the youth-perspective on social media’s
    harms and possible solutions.

  • Curate important resources online and tailor them to help educate and engage
    young people in the topic.

  • Develop curriculum for a social media awareness course to be used in classrooms
    all around Amer


  • Lead a ReDesign Challenge for youth to pose ideas for social media reformation.

  • Collect and share stories on the impact of social media on youth to drive real, representative change with key influencers.

  • Host a youth summit to promote a national dialogue on solutions to social media’s negative impacts.

  • Partner with other organizations reforming technology to provide a youth perspective on a larger scale.

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San Francisco, CA

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