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 Parent Workshops 

Teens experience social media like never before — join our parent workshops to hear a youth perspective on today's platforms and

 bridge the generational divide. 

Intended for parenting adults, Unwiring hosts workshops at schools around the Bay Area, in which we share a teen perspective on social media and its impact on young people. We'll discuss:

  1. What are the social media apps youth use, and why?
  2. What is the most current research on social media's impact?
  3. What are practical tools you can bring home?

Are you a middle or high school looking to host an Unwiring Parent Workshop? Reach out to us at: 

See more of our parent resources here.

View a past workshop here.


Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Location: In-person, online, or a mix of both

(if in-person, must be at Bay Area middle or high school)

Audience: Parents and educators


(Read more about each presenter on our About Us page!)


Lilli Macy

Saahil 11th Grade Photo.png

Saahil Mishra


james photo.JPG

James Park

IMG_2989 - Sumire Nakajima.jpeg

Sumire Nakajima


Sarek Mallareddy

IMG-5768 - Prin Gallo.jpg

Prin Gallo

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