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The Unwiring  ReDesign Challenge 

The ReDesign Challenge is an opportunity for high school students to propose ideas for  redesigning today's social 

 media platforms  to promote a healthier user experience.

The 2024 ReDesign Challenge offered $3k in cash prizes for 9-12 grade students across the U.S. to propose ideas for redesigning today's social media platforms.


Here's a glimpse into what we heard.

The theme, or prompt, for this challenge was:

 What is the change you wish to see in social media? 

 Think: algorithms, business model, design features, etc.!


Gold – "Change-Maker" for  $500 

  • Yenifer Herrera

  • Aileen Moreno

  • Annabelle Tornio

Silver – "Tech Activist" for  $250 

  • Matia Lou Rademacher

  • Colette Fort

  • Andrew Schnitter

Bronze – "Innovator" for  $125 

  • Harper Roberts

  • Maggie Gu

  • Ayal Englander


Submission Details

Think about the current designs of various social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), Snapchat, and Youtube. What harmful features do these platforms utilize? In what ways can we change them to be less addicting, polarizing, or misleading — and recenter social media around connection? Should connection be the purpose of social media, or do you believe in a different use for it? We want your ideas.

Submit a video no longer than 3 minutes.


Ensure that you...

  • Share your name

  • Describe the challenges of a certain experience with social media

  • Propose how you would alter the platform to create a more positive user experience

    • Note: we recommend focusing on only ONE of the apps listed​ above


  • Filmed horizontally

  • Good lighting

  • Include other materials (i.e. graphics or drawings) in the second File Upload of the submission form

If you have any questions, please email us at

 Where to Start 

Here are resources to get inspired...​

  • The CFHT's Change-Making Framework: complex problems can be fought across levels. From politics, to the business model, to specific platform changes — here are different lenses for social media reform.

  • Unwiring's Topics Overview: a slideshow that outlines the inner-workings, psychology, and impacts of social media.



  1. Gold – "Change-Maker":  $500  for 3 winners

  2. Silver – "Tech Activist":  $250  for 3 winners

  3. Bronze  "Innovator":  $125  for 3 winners

  4. Special Recognition   $25  for 15 winners

Judging: the submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria...

  • 50% Impact – the idea is insightful and thoughtfully addresses a current issue

  • 40% Actionable – the idea is specific, feasible, and practical to implement

  • 10% Quality & Effort – the speaker showed interest and care in their video submission

For a more detailed rubric, please click here.


Process Details


The ReDesign Challenge submission period will open on November 1st and ideas can be submitted until February 16th at 11:59pm.

Awards winners will be announced in mid-March, with the exact date to be shared with all participants soon after the submission deadline.​


All high school students (9-12 grade) in the U.S. are eligible to participate in the ReDesign Challenge.

Intellectual Property:

In submitting my idea to the ReDesign Challenge, I consent to the possibility of being interviewed and/or having my work featured in an article/post/video/presentation to tech executives. Nothing shared will be used for any commercial purposes by Unwiring.

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